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Accessibility at XP Digital account

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XP Inc concentrates several brands in the financial market, including XP Investimentos, the biggest independent broker in Brazil. The XP Bank was founded in 2019, the same year as XP's IPO on Nasdaq.


Role: Product Designer

Company: XP inc

Year: 2021 - Now

I was responsible for the project along with another Product designer from the Digital Account team focused on UI.


When I joined XP, my first challenge in the Digital Account tribe was to create accessibility documentation for all Account flows and journeys. As well as adjusting what was necessary, performing a QA considering the documentation of the ideal scenario versus what was in production, in addition to aligning priorities with the business and engineering areas.

This was the objective of the project because until then the Digital Account didn't have any documentation or an already performed QA, even though it's a Brazilian legal normative.


The process of documentation, QA and good accessibility practices had already been established at XP, one of the reference people on the subject that I had was Maju Santos. Also, several components of Soma (XP's design system) had already been documented. So we started the project considering these premises.



​We defined a review plan for all screens, which should address the following topics:

  • Page titles

  • Reading order

  • Action elements

  • Shortcuts

  • Groupings

  • Click area

  • Reading numbers and values

  • Button status

  • Date reading

  • Font size

  • Contrast

  • Accessibility


    When we started the project, XP already had a partnership with Istituto Rodrigo Mendes, an NGO that helps people with disabilities to have a more accessible education.

    The Institute assisted us in assessing the accessibility of our mobile apps, the output was several documents listing WCAG guidelines and corresponding items that needed adjustments.

    This document gave us a starting point, as it didn't cover all the journeys of the account, so we realize a manual test to check the usability and accessibility of the solution. Several issues were found and documented to guide the technology team to fix it or facilitate prioritization discussions with the product manager.


    ​I performed the following procedures in the QA process:

    1. One test per platform (iOS, Android)

    2. We use Talkback and Voice Over screen readers

    3. We went through the linear navigation of the screen readers

    4. We checked the usability of the interaction elements and made sure that their context is understandable or if additional text was needed.

    5. We specify the severity of each error and send it to the technical team and the product manager.

    6. We held a refinement session with the entire team to prioritize the adjustments taking in consideration the importance for the user experience, implementation effort and backlog.


    We still have a lot to do, but the initial delivery of the design team was already a big step forward for the XP Digital Account:

    • During the QA focused on accessibility, we found several opportunities for adjustments also in the experiences, like a several differences between android and iOS platforms, need for spacing adjustments, and UI improvements.

    • The accessibility specification is now an official output from the design team, all new functionality needs to be accessible as it's included in our DOD (definition of done).

    • One output we also had was the opportunity to evolve some Soma's components, which didn't meet some WCAG accessibility parameters. These improvements are currently in process and should be finalized throughout Q2 of 2022.

    To learn more, watch the video talking a little about the accessibility process within the XP technology area.

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